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1. Determine your hair type:

The texture of your hair determines the way your hair should be cared for. Dryer textures, for example, require more moisture-intensive care; while a more oily hair type might require you to wash your hair more often. If you are someone who isn't sure about which curl pattern/texture you have, enlighten yourself with a curl pattern guide!

2. Learn your hair porosity:

At Flourish by Sage, we believe that understanding your hair porosity is key to unlocking the full potential of your natural hair. The three different hair porosities—low, medium, and high—determine how your hair absorbs and retains moisture, and learning your porosity can help you tailor your hair care routine for optimal results. Discovering your hair porosity can be done through simple tests such as the hair porosity test or observing how quickly your hair absorbs or dries out when in contact with water.

3. Use a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush:

Curly hair can be dry and brittle. To avoid breakage, ditch the abrasive brush and use a wide-toothed comb or textured hair-detangling brush.

4. Sleep on silk: 

Control frizz, breakage, and moisture by wearing a silk bonnet or using a silk pillowcase.

5. Say bye to clogging your sink:

Cover your sink with a plastic bag to prevent hair from clogging the sink.

6. Less is more:

When it comes to textured hair- Less is more! Spread oils and moisturizers onto your hair and scalp evenly.

7. Styling edges:

We believe that embracing your textured hair means paying attention to every detail, including your edges. By using a toothbrush your edges will be styled with more detail.

8. Protect that crown:

After styling your hair or doing your edges, make sure to tie down your hair- you would be surprised by the difference it makes in the sleekness of your style!



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