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Quick & Easy #Flourish Hairstyles

Quick & Easy #Flourish Hairstyles

1. Braids

There are a variety of styles that you can include braids in. This is a very simple, and fetching addition to any style. Braids are also a very effective protective style.


2. Curly Up-do

The key to a curly updo is styled edges. Once they are done, be sure to use a scrunchy to gently place hair in to a bun. Here comes the messy action; Finish styling by leaving a few curls out. This will make for a cute/messy look.


3. Slick Back

When doing a slick back, use a textured hair detangling brush to comb back curls and apply styling product to lay hair down and provide shine. Afterwards, tie hair up with a hair scarf or durag until you are ready to go out for best results/hold.


4. Half Up- Half Down

Whether you want a ponytail or a bun as your updo, you can dominate the simple look by finger-curling the portions of your hair that is out or embracing the frizz. This style is very versatile and is also a glamorous look to try on locs!


5. Wash & Go

Make sure to moisturize your curls well to ensure defined curls. For more shrinkage, use a steamer and manually scrunch curls by hand or with a tee-shirt. Finger-curl frizzy portions to provide defined, voluminous curls.


6. Pineapple Up-Do

Fluff up your curls to provide volume and style edges for the ultimate curly updo. Make sure to gather curls into a high ponytail, and if necessary, finger-curl curls to add definition.


7. Curls X Scarf Combo

Have fun with this style as you will be using any head-scarf/bandana that appeals to you. Simply place the scarf over your hair and tie on securely. Top off this look by leaving a few sections of hair out in the front!


8. Curly High Buns

To achieve high buns, pay close attention to the precision of the part as it will determine how even your buns will be. Once you have parted your hair evenly, use a styling/moisturizing product to slick hair into two high buns. Finish this look by styling edges and adding any desired hair accessories.

9. Voluminous Afro

If you are going for a voluminous look, a picked fro is definitely a go to. To ensure the fullness and definition of this style, begin by moisturizing damp hair fully. Once hair is dry, pick hair out from the roots for best results.


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