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Women's History Month is the perfect time to celebrate the contributions of Black women to the natural hair movement. For decades, Black women have been at the forefront of advocating for self-love and acceptance through embracing their natural hair. In this blog post, we will highlight some of the influential Black women who have paved the way for natural hair empowerment and provide tips for nurturing and maintaining healthy natural hair.

Any woman with kinky textured hair – can wear it, love it, and manage it. She only needs the right tools, inspiration, and motivation.”

― Monica Millner  


The Early Pioneers

  • Madam C.J. Walker: The first self-made female millionaire in the United States and pioneer in the hair care industry

  • Marjorie Joyner: The inventor of the permanent wave machine

  • Sarah Breedlove (a.k.a. Madam C.J. Walker): The first Black woman to receive a patent for a hair straightening product

The Natural Hair Icons

  • Angela Davis: Political activist and scholar who embraced her natural hair as a symbol of resistance

  • Erykah Badu: Grammy-winning singer and songwriter who popularized the "big chop" and advocated for natural hair acceptance

  • Lupita Nyong'o: Oscar-winning actress who has been vocal about her natural hair journey and encouraged others to embrace their own unique beauty

Nurturing and Maintaining Healthy Natural Hair

  • Understanding your hair type and texture

  • Developing a consistent hair care routine

  • Embracing protective styles

  • Using natural and organic hair products

Women's History Month is a time to reflect on the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. Let's honor the Black women who have paved the way for natural hair empowerment and continue to advocate for self-love and acceptance through embracing our natural hair.


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